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Genuinely, if anyone said "name one company thats changed your life" it would be Natural Wellness Box. You've definitely changed parts of my life for the better. Especially as all my skincare is now brands I found through your box - my skin has never been better & We+people I regularly drink their brew after finding them through the valerian tablets. The CBD oil made SUCH a massive difference going through an anxiety depression phase and now buy the George +May regularly. It makes me feel good knowing that all the brands I use now are local businesses.


I thought you’d like to know that my dear friend received her box this morning. She was bowled over by the box and thinks the contents are just fabulous. She’s also reminded that there are people out there who do care. And this means you! I know this is a business for you but your thoughtfulness is helping someone through a very tough time. Thank you!


I have just received my second box and I love this subscription. The products are really on trend with the latest health vibes and wellbeing news and Catherine offers amazing and really personal customer service. I have an allergy and they have gone above and beyond to offer alternatives in each box.
Love this subscription, would hugely recommend. The products are on trend, large and great quality.


I have been subscribed to this for a while now and I love, love, love it. I’ve never had a bad box and the standard has not declined over time like other boxes I’ve subscribed to in the past. The products always feel luxurious and it’s a great way to spoil yourself every other month.


Just received your box! It's amazing I love every product!! Already looking forward to the next one. Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a special box.


I've received my 1st box the September one, wow it's fab much better than expected! When do I subscribe for the next one?!


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How to Feel Calmer & In Control Over the Holidays

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