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Subscribe now and receive our next collection released in November. Each collection is themed and features a handpicked selection of natural wellness and beauty products. Our Calm Collection shown below was worth over £100 and has now sold out. This box featured a handpicked selection of products to help you achieve a calm mind, body and skin.

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Just received your box! It's amazing I love every product!! Already looking forward to the next one. Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a special box.


I'm so glad I found Natural Wellness Box. It has pricey and beautiful items, I love that it comes with a little snack and drink too!


Thank you so much for this wonderful box. I'm amazed at the quality of products. They are so luxe! Will be keeping an eye out for your next box.


I've received my 1st box the September one, wow it's fab much better than expected! When do I subscribe for the next one?!


Wow this is a wonderful wellness box,  brilliant quality, beautifully put together, I am impressed! 


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How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally.

How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally.

Do you regularly come down with colds, coughs, and anything else that’s going around at this time of the year? Our next collection has a Retreat theme, with a focus on retreating inside into the warmth and leaving winter behind. While you’re doing this, it’s good to know what you can do to boost your immune system during the winter and help you to stay well. 

Tips for a Cosy and Calm Night In 

Tips for a Cosy and Calm Night In 

Autumn is the time when we all naturally retreat and cosy up inside.We share some tips om how to enjoy a cosy night in at home. Think cosy blankets, candles, baths....
Tips for Feeling Calmer and In Control

Tips for Feeling Calmer and In Control

We’ve been really excited to put together our Calm Collection box. It’s packed full of natural products to help you achieve a calmer mind, body and skin. And with Self Care Awareness Month coming up in September, it’s a little reminder to put yourself first and give yourself the TLC you deserve! 

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