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A personal natural beauty and wellness revolution, how and why I discovered chemical free.

By Catherine Fieldhouse, Natural Wellness Box Founder

At 34, I’ve always loved cosmetics and beauty products. I started wearing make up whilst in high school, wearing antiperspirant deodorant around the same age, used to spray Impulse frequently throughout the day (a cheap 90’s bodyspray), washed and showered in cheap smelly toiletries. I started to use commercial sanitary products, and I ate what teenagers did- chips mostly, pies (I’m from Wigan) and fast food. Not to mention going out Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights drinking until everything and everyone was your best friend. What I didn’t know at the time and as I grew older was the vast amount of chemicals I was covering myself in and the rubbish I was putting into my body. In fact, it was only when I got into my late twenties and had my first child that I even started to really think about it. When you think about it, it’s quite scary. 25 plus years of using chemicals known to cause cancer daily! 
So when did I see ‘the light’? Well, after using a famous brand of baby oil on my son and watching hives immediately flare up, I thought something must be amiss. I proceeded to look at the ingredients and google them, and could not believe what I had put on my baby’s skin and it made sense he had reacted that way. Cue looking at all the labels in the house and binning and switching most things, as shock horror, nearly everything had them in. 
Then came weaning. I exclusively breastfeed And was so head strong about everything being as natural and healthy as possible after giving him just breastmilk for five months. I started looking at food labels. And again discovered ingredients I couldn’t understand or even pronounce. Either way, they couldn’t be good for you if you don’t even know what they are, right? So then I started to switch foods, buy more organic foods, less processed and read into healthy ways to supplement. 
Five year’s later came baby number two. I felt much more educated and confident about being a mother and about the products I would and wouldn’t be using. I did research on research about superfoods and supplements and again was surprised at the additives and preservatives in some vitamins! Again if you read the labels there’s so many additives, sweeteners and synthetic vitamins, it’s pointless even taking them. Instead I read about natural superfruits such as Camu Camu, a berry which has 500 times more vitamin C than an orange and it’s not synthetic! So cure more natural superfoods than commercial vitamins. 
Then there’s the cleaning and washing cupboard. Have you ever felt faint whilst cleaning the bathroom, or light headed ? Or sneezed whilst wearing freshly washed clothes? Again, the amount of chemicals in cleaning products and washing products is just crazy ! I stopped using fabric softener as three out of four of us has problem skin. I couldn’t justify using all those chemicals in the washing. Also the smells have become very strong and synthetic. A few drops of essential oils in the washer draw smells fresh, natural and it lasts. 
You'd be surprised at how many chemical free alternatives there are available.
I started Natural Wellnes Box as I wanted people like me to discover that there are so many natural alternatives! And you can be healthy and feel beautiful without using or consuming harmful chemicals. I loved getting treats in the post so this is the perfect combination. I subscribed to subscription boxes and loved receiving them. But I noticed there wasn’t any that contained beauty, health AND wellness products in the same box. After a lot of research I decided to take the plunge and set up my own subscription box. Then Natural Wellness Box was born! It’s been exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to show you all more amazing products and help you become more healthy on the inside and feel beautiful on the outside.