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How To Create A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Do you struggle with sleep? The last few years have been incredibly stressful for so many of us and it’s not surprising if your sleep has been affected! 

Creating a relaxing bedtime routine that helps you to unwind and prepares your mind and body for sleep can make it easier to fall asleep quickly, easily and naturally. 


Turn Off Devices

The blue light from smartphones, televisions, and other electronic devices can play havoc with your body’s circadian rhythm. It disrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone that is crucial for sleep. Switching off your devices 1-2 hours before bedtime means that blue light has little to no impact on melatonin levels and you’re much better placed to sleep well. 

Set a relaxing mood 

Another way to honour your body’s circadian rhythm is to start dimming the lighting in the run-up to bedtime. Our ancestors would typically go to sleep when natural daylight disappeared and get up when the sun started to rise but thanks to artificial lighting, our circadian rhythms are out of sync with this. Artificial lighting can fool your brain into thinking that it’s still daytime (even though it’s dark outside!), which can leave you feeling wide awake when it’s time for sleep. Dimming the lighting helps to train your brain towards sleep by reducing the impact on your circadian rhythm.

Scent is another fantastic way to create a relaxing bedtime routine. With the right scents, you can create an atmosphere that makes it easy to fall asleep. Relaxing scents such as lavender are great for creating a relaxing environment. 

There are a whole host of products that incorporate relaxing scents and they can be a blissful element of a calming bedtime routine. 

If you need any inspiration on this front, look no further than our Slumber Collection! 

It included the Fais Botanicals Calm It Pillow Mist French Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense. Spray it on your pillow and just into the air before bedtime and let the sweet scent send you into dreamland. 

Our Slumber Collection also contained the Perfect Chaos Revive Hand Poured Luxury Candle. With verbena, neroli and sage to destress and reduce anxiety, it’s the perfect candle to burn while you wind down for bedtime.


Sip a soothing tea

A warm drink can help you get in the mood for a good sleep. Just make sure it doesn’t contain caffeine, which could keep you awake into the small hours!

Our Slumber Collection contained the Life Armour Slumber + Tea. This completely organic tea has been blended by an expert medical herbalist and contains a blend of chamomile, lavender, valerian root and lemon balm - all of which are well-known for their calming properties. Sip on it before bed as part of your relaxing bedtime routine and you’ll be fast asleep in no time! 

Eat a blood sugar friendly snack

If you frequently find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, it could be because your blood sugar is unbalanced. Having a snack before bed can prevent this but it’s important to make sure that your snack choice will balance your blood sugar. Our Slumber Collection contained a snack that fits the bill perfectly. The Brave Foods Cookies and Cream Roasted Chickpeas is packed with protein and fibre. Try combining them with a healthy fat such as houmous or nut butter and you have the ideal balance for blood sugar and sleep. 

Take a sleep supplement 

Even with the most relaxing bedtime routine, you can still benefit from a helping hand to encourage sleep. 

Our Slumber Collection contained the Aguulp Sleep Supplement Sachet - complete with a mix of sleep supporting vitamins and minerals. It couldn’t be simpler to take. Just shake the sachet and down it one gulp (hence the name!) or mix it with water or another cold drink. If you want to add to a smoothie, put it in afterwards and don’t blend. 

Use the magic of magnesium

You’ve probably heard about the importance of magnesium for relaxation but it’s not always convenient to have an Epsom Salts bath. Our Slumber Collection contained the Better You Magnesium Sleep Lotion, a super easy way to harness the destressing effects of magnesium. This gorgeous treat contains lavender, chamomile and of course, magnesium chloride. Apply it to your body 30 minutes before sleep to relax and ease tense and tired muscles and let the essential oils drift you into the land of nod. If you notice any tingling when using a product like this, don’t worry! It often happens in the beginning, especially if you’re magnesium deficient.  

Pamper yourself 

Our Slumber Collection contained the Kiss The Moon After Dark Face Polish. It’s a gorgeous skincare treat that promotes cell renewal while you sleep and it’s hugely relaxing thanks to the essential oils that encourage you to fall asleep quickly and easily. Geranium, orange and myrrh are the perfect combination to help you to feel deeply relaxed while giving your skin the pamper it needs. 

An easy way to create wellness rituals 

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