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How To Prioritise Your Mental Health All Year Round

The past year has taken a big toll on our mental health and wellbeing and it’s more important than ever to prioritise it. 

With this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to share some tips for maintaining good health throughout the year. 

Connect With Nature

Nature is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Connecting with nature is a great way to practice mindfulness and engage all your senses. 

This can be as simple as listening out for birdsong or keeping an eye out for butterflies when you’re outside. Look out for nature wherever you are and you might be surprised at how much you notice!

Keeping plants in your home is another way to embrace nature. If you don’t have a garden, try growing pots of herbs on a windowsill. 

Focus On Sleep 

There’s a strong connection between sleep and mental health so you’ll definitely want to foster a good sleep pattern as much as you can. Not getting enough sleep can impact your mood and it also means your brain is doing less recharging at the end of the day. 

But if drifting off doesn’t come as easily as you’d like, there are a few natural solutions for encouraging better sleep. 

A warm bath before bedtime can lower your core body temperature and send signals for sleep. To make sleep even more likely, you can try adding magnesium salts too. Magnesium is a vital nutrient for supporting a wide range of functions in your body and it’s crucial for getting your mind and body relaxed. We loved the Better You Magnesium Flakes that featured in our Sleep Collection. 

Spritzing your pillow with a sleep supporting combination is another easy way to encourage sleep. Essential oils have lots of benefits and are well-known for promoting a sense of calm. 

Our Retreat Collection included the Blooming Blends Sleep Easy Mist, which was a gorgeous relaxing blend of lavender, cedarwood, geranium and roman chamomile - all of which are perfect for promoting a peaceful sleep.   

Another great option is to try a sleep supplement. We featured the Lumity Restful Nights Booster Supplements in our Rest and Rejuvenate Collection and our customers loved how effective the combination of magnesium, vitamin D and holy basil has on their sleep. 


Eat Well

The links between food and physical health and well known and a healthy diet can improve your mental health too. Low mood and anxiety can be more likely if you’re deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. 

A few tips for supporting your mental health through diet include: 

  • Keeping your blood sugar levels stable can help avoid low mood and feelings of anxiety. Foods that promote slow energy release like oats, nuts and seeds are great for this. 

  • Protein is important for consuming amino acids, which your brain needs to regulate thoughts and emotions. 

  • If you’re deficient in B vitamins, you’re more likely to feel low and irritable. Not getting enough folate can also be linked to depression. 

  • Gut friendly foods support a healthy brain. Your gut is known as your “second brain” for good reason since 90% of your serotonin levels are produced here.  

Get Natural Light

Getting outside and exposing yourself to natural light is another mood booster. Your body uses light as one of its cues for a healthy circadian rhythm. 

Exposure to natural light helps promote good sleep and a healthy mood. If you can, try to spend at least an hour a day outdoors. This can be much easier in the summer and a lot less tempting in the winter months! But any time you can spend outdoors will help boost your mood and regulate your emotions. 

Focus On Positivity

Gratitude is a great way to embrace positivity. Studies have shown that gratitude helps to train your brain to be more optimistic. People who demonstrate gratitude regularly tend to be happier and have higher self esteem. 

Getting started with gratitude can be as simple as writing down 3 things that make you thankful that day in a gratitude journal.

Make Time For Wellness Rituals

Even when life gets incredibly busy, building wellness rituals to support your mental health can be easier than you think.

A few ideas include:

  • Spend 10 minutes each morning doing something that sets you up for the day ahead. Stretching, meditation and journaling are all great ways to set up a morning routine for mental wellbeing. 

  • Take breaks regularly, even if it's just a few minutes at a time to stretch, breathe deeply or clear your mind. 

  • Give yourself a treat in the evenings, whether that's a face mask, a relaxing soak, a few chapters of a book or some meditation. 

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