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How To Spark Renewal Through Wellness and Beauty Rituals This Year

If you plan for this year to be a year of self-care, it’s easier than you might think to establish wellness rituals that encourage renewal and rejuvenation. In this blog, we’re highlighting some of our top tips for creating wellness and beauty rituals that promote the renewal of both your mind and body. 

Nourish & protect your skin at the same time 

We love skincare products that work overtime for the skin. Nourishment is great of course but with products that also protect your skin from potential damage, it’s even better for promoting cell renewal. 

Gherane Hydrating Serum from our Renew Collection is a skincare treat that you’ll love to use. It’s a nourishing skin drink that’s full of powerful antioxidants that can protect against the damaging effects of pollution. And even though it’s hugely hydrating, it’s non-greasy and sinks into the skin.  

Upgrade your face mask 

Indulging in a face mask is always a lovely self-care treat and these days, face masks can multitask in a big way. The Five Dot Botanicals Pure Rewind Restorative Facial Mask from our Renew Collection is the perfect example. It nourishes, purifies, soothes, destresses and unclogs pores. 

 Give your hands & nails some TLC

Our hand and nails can go through a lot and they’re often neglected in our self-care routine. When you have a gorgeous hand and cuticle treatment that nourishes and strengthens, you’ll never forget it again! 

Our Renew Collection featured Clockface Beauty Frankincense and Rose Otto Hand & Cuticle Oil. With beautiful ingredients such as Apricot Kernal oil (which has anti-ageing properties) and Sweet Almond oil (for intense hydration and stronger nails), it’s a dream for soft and nourished hands and nails. Plus, you can breathe in the calming scent of rose otto and frankincense.

Switch to a natural deodorant

If you’re still using aluminium-based deodorants, let’s make 2022 the year you make the switch to a natural alternative. The skin on your armpits is one of the most absorbent in the body so it’s important to be mindful of what you apply here.  Non-natural deodorants contain a host of nasties, including parabens, phthalates, triclosan and aluminium. This kills all bacteria on your underarms (both bad and good!) and suppresses your ability to sweat (which isn’t actually a benefit as it can affect detoxification and regulating body temperature). The combination of nasties has also been linked to health issues.

People are often worried that natural deodorants won’t work but this is a huge myth. Natural ingredients can have strong anti-bacterial properties, keep you feeling fresh and reduce odour, without harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Our Renew Collection featured Pure Purpose Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream, which is made from plant-based ingredients such as lemon oil. It’s specially designed to keep you dry and protect against bacterial growth so you keep feeling fresh and clean. 

 Swap alcohol for plant-based botanicals 

If you’ve committed to drinking less alcohol this year to support your liver with renewal, swap it for a non-alcoholic plant-based botanical. Whereas alcohol can dehydrate, promote inflammation and tax your liver, plant-based botanicals can help you take charge of your wellbeing.

We loved the Pentire Seaward Botanical Non Alcoholic Spirit featured in our Renew Collection. The combination of seaweed and grapefruit delivers vitamin C, minerals and other properties that promote good health. It can help you with sleep, recovery, and circulation - a far cry from the effects of most alcoholic drinks and perfect for encouraging renewal! 

If you want to give yourself an even bigger boost, add a few drops of the In Bloom Drops Discovery Selection from our Renew Collection. These represent the purest in botanical extraction and are a game-changer for wellness. Your skin, mood, digestion and inflammation levels can all benefit from using the various drops in the collection. 

Harness the power of Chinese medicine at home 

Chinese medicine can have some impressive benefits and if you’ve never tried it before, our Renew Collection can help you reap the rewards at home. The Acupips Home Ear Seed Kit use the restoring and renewing power of acupressure and they couldn’t be simpler. Apply them to pressure points around the ears to encourage stress relief, renewal, grounding and balance. 

Be smart with your snacks

Even your snacks can help your body to renew! Our Renew Collection featured the Boundless Sea Salt & Vinegar Activated Chips, which are made from sorghum (an ancient super grain) and drenched in saltwater to support germination. It helps filter out the phytic acid which can otherwise make it harder to absorb key nutrients such as iron and calcium. You’ll never want to go back to eating a traditional bag of crisps!  

Swap traditional hot chocolate for a nutrient-dense version

There’s nothing more comforting and cosy than hot chocolate but they’re not all created equally. Most of the hot chocolates you’ll find on the supermarket shelves are loaded with sugar.

But if you hunt a bit more, you can find hot chocolate blends that are packed with nutrients and give you a health boost. The One Earth Organics Chocolate Dream is one of our favourites. The unique blend of ingredients includes cocoa, carob, beetroot, baobab, vanilla and chlorella and an impressive range of nutrients (zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A and C). Plus, it’s sugar free! 

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