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Tips for Getting Gorgeous Skin This Summer!

Summer can be such a lovely time of year but it’s not always kind to your skin! Our July Summer Glow box was full of gorgeous products that help skin and hair to look and feel great, even in the heat. 

Certain nutrients can be really important for healthy skin and vitamin B12 is definitely one of these. It helps to keep your skin, hair and nails looking good and you’ll often see changes to all of these if you’re not getting enough of this nutrient. You might notice pigment changes or discolouration or you just don’t feel like your skin, hair or nails are looking as healthy as they could. 

Lovely glowing skin is a must at this time of year and that’s why we included a vitamin B12 oral spray from Better You Ltd in our July box. It’s easily absorbed so your body starts getting the benefits straight away. Just spray it in your mouth a couple of times and you’ll be well on your way to gorgeous looking skin, hair and nails. I’ve found that spraying it on the inside of your cheek is the best way to go!

What you put on your skin is equally important, especially in summer. Heat and humidity can dry out your skin so ideally, you want to be using products that offer some moisturising benefits without being too heavy. 

A few ingredients can work really well for this. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin lubricated and hydrated as it helps to retain natural moisture. A lot of factors can reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid that is naturally present in your skin, including pollution and UV radiation from the sun. 

There are a few other ingredients that can help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated over the summer. Jojoba oil is particularly good for this and has a very similar texture to our natural skin oils. This makes it very moisturizing and highly absorbent. Argan oil is another great choice as it’s full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, both of which help to keep your skin soft and supple. 

The July box included a tube of Organii Everyday Organics Facial Sun Cream, which is packed with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and argan oil. With SPF 15, a cream like this is perfect for keeping your skin protected from the sun and nicely hydrated too. 

A gentle cleansing routine will help to remove oil, sweat and products from your skin so it stays blemish free and glowing. Ideally you want something that is suitable for all skin types and helps to lock in moisture … just like the Myroo Gentle Cleanser that was included in the July box!

And of course, we can’t talk about hydration without stressing the importance of drinking plenty of fluids! Aim for at least 6-8 glasses of water in the average day … more if you’re being active or it’s really hot. And if you’re finding the heat really draining and need an energy boost, try a natural, caffeine free drink that will also keep you hydrated. The Virtue Drinks Natural Energy Water in the July box has been just the thing for hot summer days and nights! 

The summer heat can also dry out your hair, especially if you’re also blow drying it or using straighteners. protects your hair from heat damage. Just spritz on a heat protective spray before you style your hair and your hair will stay lovely looking and protected from heat damage. The Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume Heat Protection spray from the July box has been working a treat for this. 

If you’ve been reluctant to bare your arms and legs this summer, skin brushing is another great way to get glowing skin. It can help to get rid of dead skin cells and toxins and boost blood flow. If you need a helping hand to get your pins looking great after being hidden away all winter, a body brush like the Vegan Sisal Detox Body Brush is well worth a go!

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