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Wellness Tips To Survive the Festive Season At Home

This Christmas is probably going to look a lot different from previous ones but there's a lot you can do to make sure the festive season is as happy and healthy as you can.

Eat healthily

If you've found that lockdowns and restrictions have changed your eating habits, you're definitely not alone! Lots of us have found it harder to make healthy food choices and have put on a few extra pounds but the festive season doesn't need to be the same. 

Processed foods, foods that are high in sugar and salt, and alcohol can all be taxing for your digestive system but they're often favourites at this time of year. Limiting them as much as you can is a great move, both for your digestive system and general wellbeing. 

Swapping them for fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats helps you to get a range of nutrients on your plate. 

Boost your immune system 

Eating well can boost your immunity and helps your body to fight off any illnesses you might pick up at this time of year. Definitely much needed right now! Smart supplementing can also help to stay well over the festive system.

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Stay hydrated

It's easy to get dehydrated over the festive season. Tea, coffee and alcohol can all contribute to this.

Starting the day with a glass of water helps to kickstart hydration.

If you're drinking alcohol, drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink. 

Think about portions

Christmas dinner can potentially run to thousands of calories, especially if you have lots of extras. As well as adding extra calories, it can also increase the amount of salt and sugar you're consuming. 

Christmas dinner doesn't have to be unhealthy - lean meat and vegetables are always a good move! It's the added extras that tip the balance such as stuffing, bacon-wrapped sausages and sprouts, and sauces. 

Try serving up "normal" portions and seeing if you're still hungry 20 minutes after you've eaten. Often, you'll find you're not genuinely hungry and those extra calories would have just been mindlessly eaten.

Treats aren't off the agenda completely. Trying to be 80% healthy gives you some freedom and flexibility for enjoying festive treats and not feeling guilty about it. 

Eat mindfully

It's so easy to eat more than you intended over the festive season and to eat it quickly and mindlessly. If you're constantly grazing in food, your digestive system will be working overtime.

Slowing down your eating and chewing your food thoroughly makes it easier for your body to digest it. 

Get active 

The festive season can involve a lot of television on the sofa and this can lead to weight gain and feeling sluggish. Creating traditions that don't involve food can avoid this. This can be anything from taking a family walk to having a fun dance-off.Exercise also helps get rid of toxins, which can build up in bigger quantities over the festive season. Keep your brain active too by playing games or doing puzzles.

Get support and accountability

Being healthy during the festive season can be a big challenge, especially if other members of your family aren't embracing it. Teaming up with a friend who also wants to have a healthy festive season and check in with each other regularly to stay accountable. 

Prioritise self-care


The festive season can be chaotic and that makes it even more important to make time for self-care. This can take a lot of different forms - meditation, mindfulness, yoga, a relaxing bath, a face mask, curling up with a hot drink, or reading a good book, for example. 

A few tips for self-care include:

  • Look for things to express gratitude about. This may feel very difficult given the crazy year we've been having but most of us will be able to find a couple of things.

  • The festive season is a great chance to disconnect from screens and spend quality time with loved ones.

  • But for those you can't be with this year, connecting online can help to ease loneliness. 

  • Your normal routine can quickly disappear over the festive season but trying to keep a regular schedule for meals and sleep can be really important.

  • Sleep patterns can also be disrupted at this time of year. If you struggle to sleep well over the festive season, try making a few changes to your sleep routine. Having your last meal of the day at least three hours before bed, switch off your devices an hour or more beforehand, and making sure your bedroom is dark and at optimal temperature.

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Christmas mental health tips

The festive season can create a lot of anxiety in any year but this Christmas is even more likely to affect your mental health.

Some tips to help with this include:

  • Focus on the present moment, which can be helpful for reducing anxiety. This can be a crucial move if you find yourself comparing this festive season to past ones.

  • Setting boundaries around what you feel comfortable with, especially for socialising. 

  • Doing something kind for someone else can boost your mood and improve your self esteem. This can be as simple as giving handwritten Christmas cards to vulnerable and isolated people in your community.

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