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New Pricing

You may of noticed that our boxes are getting bigger and better every time! We always feature products that you won't normally find in other subscription boxes, and the majority of our products are full size, full price products which we are fully transparent about the correct retail price. You may notice a lot of our products are very high in value! Unfortunately none of the products we receive are free, and we have been very fortunate to be able to include some of the amazing products we do with the price of our boxes. We want to be able to carry on being the only box to feature such a diverse collection or wellness and natural beauty.

 For us to continue to carry on bringing you such amazing products inside our boxes, we are going to have to increase our pricing slightly to be able to carry on maintaining our high standards. It's been a tough decision, but unfortunately it is something we have to do to be able to carry on.

 From Friday 12th June our new pricing will be (which also include free UK p&p)-

  • One off boxes with no subscription - £42.
  • Bi-Monthly subscription -£38
  • Six month subscription (3 boxes) - £109 (saving £5)
  • Twelve month subscription (6 boxes)£218 (saving £10).

 If you are already subscribed, your subscription will not increase and you will continue to pay the same price. There wont be any change to your subscription. This also applies if you have a gift subscription, or 6/12 month subscription.

 If you haven't subscribed and would like to take advantage of our current pricing, please subscribe before Friday 12th June to 'lock in' our current pricing (for subscriptions).

Thank you all for being so amazing, and your continued support!

 Catherine xxx